Provably Fair Slot Games

Slots: Invented in the United States of America in the late nineteen-hundreds, slots quickly became the game of choice for most casinos and even today slot machines take an average of 70% of the floor space in these casinos. Developed by a man of German descent named Charles Fey in California, this slot machine was titled Liberty Bell. Made from cast iron, top to bottom, this machine had three spinning reels with pictures of the Liberty Bell, cards, and horseshoes. The name “Liberty Bell” was not only derived from the pictures of bells on the reels but also from the sound of bells ringing when a player hits the jackpot. This feature can still be heard on a modern slot machine when ever a player scores a big win. In the twentieth century slot machines became illegal but manufactures soon modified their machines to pay out in candy and cigarettes to avoid breaking any laws. When the laws finally subsided the true innovation of slot machines really took off. The most profound innovation being the invention of the RNG or random number generator in the 1980’s. This allowed a computer to randomly select a winner while operating the functions of the machine to display the same out come of a “spin”. From here it is easy to see why the transition from real play slots to online slots was more comforting then most games, as player knew already that while you are playing from the comfort of your own home your are in fact using the same RNG used in a brick and mortar casinos. With the use of provably fair verification players can take it a step further by having the ability to view that each spin was made with out manipulation by the operators. Here is a list of all Provably fair accredited casinos that provide slot machines.

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