Provably Fair Roulette

Roulette: A game believed to have been started in ancient Rome by soldiers who would use their chariot wheels. Other game historians would argue the fact that roulette’s heritage began in Tibet. The real story is, no matter how entertaining these theories may be no one knows with complete certainty where the game roulette was conceived. The word “roulette” does in fact mean “small wheel” in french and is known as being a fortuitous accident. What is meant by this is a french scientist named Blaise Pascal was only investigating the effects of perpetual motion when he created the modern wheel. This wheel was quickly adopted by the casinos when developing the modern game of roulette. The Blanc brothers from France were the first to develop and use the modern day roulette wheel and table. These two brothers took their game and introduced it into German culture but then designed a grand casino “de Monte Carlo” where they would showcase this exciting game. From there the game became main stream and made its way into the USA where the wheel was expanded to add a double zero. Even today most casinos consider the roulette table to be the “king of games” due to the fact that roulette tends to draw a higher class of player to the casinos. Most online casinos would not deny that it truly is the “king of games” as its popularity within this crowd keep growing stronger. With a provably fair platform, players can now verify if the out come of a spin has been manipulated in any way. Here is a list of provably fair accredited casinos that offer the game roulette.

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