Provably Fair Lottery Games

Lottery: For many centuries the lottery has been played and in multiple forms. One of the earliest forms of lottery in recorded history is of the game of Keno. Historians have in fact found what appears to be keno slips dating back to the Chinese Dynasty roughly around 200 BC. Europe was also know for having a lottery but mainly as a form of entertainment as a means of distributing what we now call door prizes. These prizes were given out at dinners, parties, and other high class events through out the Roman Empire.The first lotteries to actually sell tickets and offer the winner a prize in cash was dated back in the 15th century. Various towns through out Europe held lotteries to raise funds for infrastructure and supplies. Most game historian will give credit of the modern day lottery to the people of Genoa where the citizens would place on candidates who were drawn randomly for council. 5 out of 90 candidates every 6 months. As lotteries popularity grew in Genoa, the candidates were replaced by numbers and this where the modern day lottery can trace its ancestry. Used by Nations, States, Provinces, and even hardened criminals, lottery has been a major source to raise funds while still being able to make someones wildest dreams come true. With a provably fair lottery which can now be found online, players will know with complete certainty that the game was hosted in a fair and honest manner. Here is a list of all accredited provably fair casinos that offer lottery.