Provably Fair Dice Games

Dice games: It is not known where the origin of dice has come form but one fact can be shared by all game historians is that dice was developed as a means to wager which predates most other kinds of gambling games. It can be remembered through out history that people have used dice as form of gambling. Historians have discovered ancient dice used in Egyptian times which may date back all the way to 650 B.C. Even in Roman times soldiers of roman legions would make dice from the bones of pigs and play on their inverted shields. Though dice has been made from various different materials, anything from gold, silver to nutshells, teeth even out of ivory and porcelain. Most dice in its modern form is made from transparent plastic so players can verify whether the dice have been rigged in any form. The term most used for this deception is “loaded”. With provably fair bitcoin dice games the game rules seem to vary from casino to casino but the premiss remains the same. A player would select an amount that he or she would like to wager. Then that player would select if the dice would roll under the value of X amount. A player has multiple selections to guess from if the amount of a completed roll would be under X amount. The lower total value player chooses to guess would mean that the multiplier of the players wager would increase. The higher total a value player chooses guess would mean the multiplier of the players wager then decrease. When the dice is rolled and the outcome complete, a player could win any wheres from 97% of the time to 1% of the time. With a provably fair dice platform most casinos will give out the secret at the end of the day to verify the games previously played. Here is a list of all Provably Fair casinos offering dice games.