Provably Fair manual verification is easy enough once you understand how the system is supposed to work. Most big box bitcoin casino’s offer their own version of provably fair like Betchain. The way to check the HASH/SEED is pretty simple by using a hash calculator. For this example I will use Casino Evolution since I have a bit of bitcoin left in my account. So all you have to do is load up a game like Multihand Blackjack. CE also offers free guest play with provably fair so you can try it out without betting any BTC.

Playing Provably Fair Blackjack at Casino Evolution

Now I guess we hit on our 9 :)

Hitting on 9 @ Casino Evolution

Dealer Wins!

Dealer Wins My Bitcoin @ Casino Evolution

Now let’s check and make sure I got a fair deal, or a provably fair deal. This is why provably fair is so important in today’s digital age. I can now check the HASHES to check the server’s cards that were used with my client seed. So let’s see if everything adds’s up!

First I try it with the SHA256 HASH check provided by Casino Evolution that uses JavaScript. It reply’s with “Awesome, the hash we sent you at the beginning of the game is truly the hash of the Result and your Player Seed had correct impact on the Final Result”.

SHA256 HASH CHECK @ Casino Evolution

Now I trust this bitcoin casino enough, but now I really want to check it out for myself. That’s the whole reason why provably fair exists today. Any casino can have Itech labs come in and verify the server code and backend, but it’s great to have a second self-checking option you can use. So first things first, I will now use my card tool I built to display the shuffled deck I was issued. You don’t have to do this, but it gives you a great visual of the deck compared to just the text version like 7C:4D:6S:4S:7D:3D.

A look at the shuffled deck of cards used before i placed my bet @ Casino Evolution

Now onto the hash check, this time we will self-verify the blackjack deck with using the Result + Secret that returned to us.

Now Verify the Provably Fair Bitcoin BET using

As you can see the SHA256 HASH result checks out find and gives us the result of 3728f0a73150c6212d5a0929ae62792f43a68b1e1949187a7dc7703d148fd4c0. This now proves that the initial card deck shown by Casino Evolution (the fingerprint) was not changed in any way during my game play. This shows when I placed my bets or after my bet was set along with my seed number, the order to affect the game was not modified.

So once again to check manually, follow these steps.

1. Find a trusted third party hash calculator. Search on Google or use ours.
2. Look for the Result+Secret field form from the game and paste the data into the input box on the third party calculator like
3. Select the SHA-256 as your algorithm and press generate.
4. The new hash that is generated should exactly match the hash we showed you at the beginning of the blackjack game!

Notes: The provably fair checker we used is @ and works for softswiss casinos and a few others.
It’s just that simple. This proves that the initial deck of cards shown to you in a form of fingerprint was not changed in any way by the casino during game play when you placed your bets or after you set your seed number in order to affect the game.