Provably Fair Blackjack

Black jack: First conceived in France in the eighteen-hundreds and was at that time titled “vingt-et-un” (french for “twenty-one”). It was one of the most popular gambling games developed within Europe but it wasn’t until the nineteen-hundreds when “vingt-et-un” (black jack) was introduced into North American gambling culture. To increase its popularity within North America and to make the game more main stream, the rules were slightly varied to increase the players odds. The first of such variances was if a player were to draw the jack of spades and the ace of spades on the same hand he would then be paid out at a rate of 10:1 and this is how the name “Black Jack” was born. Because black jack is a game of decisions and chance mathematicians have always been trying to figure out new strategies to increase players odds. There were two major breakthroughs in Black Jack strategy the first being by a group of mathematicians calling themselves the four horse men. They wrote an article titled “The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack,” in which they used probability and statistics to predict which players would be more successful playing the game of blackjack. The next and most relevant breakthrough in Black Jack strategy was by Professor Edward Thorp who had written a best selling book titled “Beat the Dealer”. Based off of the four house men’s strategy, Professor Thorp had developed a basic theory still used today by players trying to beat the casino and can reduce the house edge to only one half of a percent. In the 1990’s black jack was introduced into the online realm of gaming and with the help of provably fair verification black jack will surely retain its spot as a fan favorite. Here you can find a list of all provably fair accredited casinos that offer the game Black Jack

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