Provably Fair Play consultants have tested and certified almost all types of provably fair games on a wide range of online gaming platforms during the past year. Since the adoption of provbaly fair we have been testing and certifying online gaming systems and games for bitcoin casino customers worldwide. We think provably fair is the future of casino gaming since it keeps the casino fair and the gambler can verify his cards. Currently it costs nothing to have your casino tested, so feel free to let us know about your provably fair casino at We have also updated our list with may new quality Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos as well as Litecoin, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. We only list top brands that are known to pay out fast with speedy withdrawals.



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How to Manually Verify Provably Fair Games

Aug 2014 11

Provably Fair manual verification is easy enough once you understand how the system is supposed to work. Most big box bitcoin casino’s offer their own version of provably fair like Betchain. The way to check...

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Provably Fair Simplified

Aug 2014 4

Provably Fair can be confusing for new users wondering what it’s all about. So here is a nice info-graphic that simplifies how it all works. As you can see it gives you a huge advantage,...

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How Provably Fair Works and Why It’s The Future Of Online Casino’s

Provably Fair Games Encryption

If you have played at an online casino before, then you know how hard it is to win. ‘I think this website is cheating’ is probably a statement that you have exclaimed numerous times. You are not alone. Many online casino players are thinking the same thing. It’s a completely logical thought, seeing that the cards seem to be shuffled magically online and players do not have access to the complete deck.

This is a problem that a provably fair platform has finally been able to resolve. With an estimated conception date of early 2010, the method now known as Provably fair has been designed to provide proof that the shuffles online casinos make are fair. With this particular proof of fair gaming being one of the most popular within bitcoin casinos, nowadays, there is no longer a need to wonder if a casino is manipulating the outcome in any way.

What is Provably Fair?

The best way to define Provably Fair is that it is a method that allows gamers not only to immediately verify just how authentic a shuffle that has been made is, but also do it independently. Every game that a player enters is absolutely fair, and if a player still needs to verify this, he or she can do so by clicking on the ‘Provably Fair’ button. After entering the necessary details, the verifiable proof will then be made directly available to the player.

In other, much simpler words, Provably Fair is used in the Bitcoin gambling industry and the only possible method to ensure that no one can cheat – neither the online gambling portal nor the gambler. From this alone, one can already safely predict that it will become the standard for all casino websites, thus; making it the future of online gambling.

How Does this Hand Verifying Method Work?

Basically, the Provably Fair casino makes use of a function called cryptographic hash. This is known as the SHA256 algorithm. The approach is implemented to ensure that neither them nor the player will possibly ever know how a deck will be shuffled until it has been dealt.

For you to understand this method of verifying and proving that the online casino is playing fair; the steps involved are outlined and briefly explained below. These are the steps taken before a hand is dealt.

          •        The online casino’s servers create new decks and shuffle them through the use of a hardware random number generator.

          •        In addition to the hardware random number generator, the servers will also come up with random strings. The two strings of numbers are then combined to make just one encoded string. The outcome is then referred to as the ‘secret’.

          •        Last, but not the least, the secret is then hashed through the utilization of the one-way hashing algorithm SHA256. The result of the hashing is then called the ‘hash’. The value will then be shown to the player just before the hand is dealt. The gambler can then verify that the decks, the random strings, or the secret were not manipulated by the online gambling portal.

Provably Fair Gaming Websites also allow Players to Cut the Deck

Aside from Provably Fair gaming websites allowing their players to verify that they are not making any unlawful moves on their part, they also enable the gamblers to cut the decks themselves. According to them, this is something they do so that they can ‘truly be fair’.

So how does this part work?

Before a hand is dealt, the javascript in the player’s web browser creates a random string. Once the gambler hits the button for betting, his/her browser will then send the generated string to the online casino’s servers, which will then be hashed once again.

Basically, the process is similar to how the verifying part works, except that the hash here will be used to seed another kind of number generator. In cutting the deck, the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator is used, and it is also the one utilized to reshuffle the deck. Since the player is the only one who knows the number that was used to seed the number generator, then there is no way for the online gaming platform to manipulate the results of the shuffle.

Provably Fair Isn’t Only for Card-Games

Another impressive feature that this new method possesses is the fact that it also works for non-card games. The same kind of approach is used. The main difference is that a different deck of cards is used by the Provably Fair gaming website.

If you are wondering what other games can be ‘proven fair’, there are quite a number of them. Roulette, Craps, and Slots are just some of the games wherein players can prove that the casino did not do anything to manipulate them in order for the results to be in favor of the casino.

Our Final Thoughts on This New Approach to Online Gambling

As you can already see, Provably Fair is definitely the future of online gambling, with all the benefits and the kind of security it can give to both players and bitcoin casino websites alike. It does not take a tech-savvy person to get the most use out of this method, since players just need to click the button, enter a few details, and find out the truth about whether or not the online gambling portal is doing something to make the odds work in their favor. At the same time, web-based casinos can also make certain that they do not get ripped off by unscrupulous gamblers and cheaters.